OSRS 4th Birthday Event & Party Pete's Birthday Bash [Monday, February 20, 2017]
Time flies like a shuttle. It has been 4 years since the release of Old School RuneScape. Now, OSRS 4th Birthday Event is available. You can join in Party Pete's Birthday Bash to win two new rewards - Balloons and a 4th Birthday Hat. Sounds interesting? Just buy cheap rs 2007 gold with up to 5% extra bonus at RS2hot to wait and enjoy the thrilling party.

Have a chat with Party Pete to get started the OSRS 4th birthday event

Party Pete's Birthday Bash is the 4th annual birthday event held in Old School RuneScape, celebrating the release of the game on the 22nd of February 2013. The event centers around Faladian citizen Party Pete, who is experiencing difficulties preparing one of his signature celebrations.

Wondering to know what should you do to start this event? Actually, it’s very simple for all of you. You should head to the Falador party room and have a chat with Party Pete to get started and lend a helping hand.

The rewards of OSRS 4th Birthday Event

If you're willing to help out and make this party the best to have ever graced Gielinor, Party Pete will reward you with all of the previous rewards from birthday events:

Cow outfit

War ship

Gnome child hat

He will also share two brand new rewards: balloons and a 4th birthday hat!

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The RS2hot Team