OSRS Guides for Skill Leveling Up and RS 2007 Gold Gaining [Thursday, March 02, 2017]
Old School RS is a amazing game for you to try out. If you want to restart the game or level up your osrs skills such as Smithing, Mining and more quickly, this article is definitely suitable for you. Here are our general guides for leveling up skills and making money in OSRS.

You’d better focus on one OSRS Skill

When it comes to play online game, you should make sure to use your spare time wisely. To level up all skills in Old School runescape will cost your a lot of time, so you’d better focus one skill.

At beginning, it is wise for you to work on one stats in game. Later on once you have money you can easily go back and work on other stats. You can try to train combat only, like strength, Attack and Defence. Whenever you need Runescape 2007 gold when leveling up, you can visit RS2hot to get cheapest RS 07 gold.

Level up your skill wisely

When playing Old School Runescape, you will need to kill some monster or boss to help you gain more XP or money in game. It is wise for you to look for ones that drops bones, and bury those as well. For instance, you can achieve 15 combat stats by working on chickens and you can achieve 17 prayer by working on the bones while killing monsters. Bones not only give 4.5 xp and one can get extra prayer simple by picking up and bury them.

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Hope our guides help you to have a good start in 2007 Runescape. Actually, the difficult is in your mind, not in game. Just regard all the challenges as adventures and finally you will find you are a winner.

The RS2hot Team