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Time: 1nd Jun --7th Jun, 2017

Mor Ul Rek
The TzHaar race  create a fruitful city. But, only the most trusted of outsiders may enter.not lose your Fire Cape,please

emerge Fire Cape to a city guard.the Center of Mor Ul Rek is the important on the skills

Lava Fishing
When you with level 80 ,you can Doing some fishing at the same time , need ice gloves, fishing tempt and ly rod ,then

please ready to loaded in the Mor Ul Rek sity.

If you want grab from gem stalls, you must levels 75 Thieving
Could steal from ore joints,to Using level 82 Thieving
Pckpocket the TzHaar-Hur found wandering the city,level 90 Thieving!
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Obsidian Armour
Find the Obsidian Armour at the Mor Ul Reck,At the same Protection to equip , each piece of this fixed requires level 60 with good offensive melee bonuses , and you can find drop through the level 221 TzHaar-Ket discovered around the city.

The Dolore

Mor Ul Rek: In the center of the TzHaar town, the entrance of The Dolore can be found.
The Inferno is the best solo PvM challenge actually to be introduced into Old-school RuneScape. Beyond sacrificing a fireplace Cape, there are no specifications to attempt The Inferno.

rs2hot skills intro

When you inside, you'll be faced ,such as wave of effective monsters,encounter creature assault , Then against the odds.
Take down TzKal-Zuk and to generate an Infernal Gabardine ,last earn your Infernal Cape

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