Quick Guide: OSRS Spirits of the Elid 2021 [Monday, April 12, 2021]

Deep in the Kharidian desert, the people of a small village called Nardah think that they've been cursed in some way. Their well has completely dried up and any water that they gather from the river disappears before they can get it back to their home. Are they cursed, or is the desert heat just too much? Where is the water going? So, they are in need to help to uncover the mystery that has befallen them. Can you unravel what is going on and save the village?

Skill/Other Requirements:
33 Magic
37 Ranged
37 Mining
37 Thieving
Be able to defeat three Level 75 monsters(Black golem / Grey golem/ White golem).

Items Require:
Law and Air runes for telekinetic grab, a rope, a needle and thread, weapons (with slash, crush, and stab attack styles - a spear is good for this), any bow and arrows, any pickaxe, any source of light, knife, and some money (for carpet travel and a shantay pass).

Note: You will pass a bronze arrow spawn near the bridge to the Shantay Pass, a bronze pick spawn near the river just south of the headwaters, and a shortbow spawn just east of the headwaters. Using and then discarding these spawns will reduce your weight for running between the headwaters and Nardah.

Getting started:
Step 1
Take a flying carpet to Pollnivneach, walk south, and then take another to Nardah. Head east and talk to Awusah the Mayor. He will tell that some curse has fallen on their town and he needs your help.

Step 2
Head north of the Mayor's house and talk to Ghaslor the Elder. He will tell you about river spirits and give you the Ballad of Jareesh.

Step 3
Read it and you will learn that there is a cave at the river source. It is located northwest of the Ruins of Uzer and west of the clay rocks.

Step 4
Go the temple that is just west of Ghaslor's house. Use telekenetic grab on the Ancestral key to take it. Then search the cupboards in the room for the Robes of Elidinis. Use a needle and thread to repair them.

Step 5
You will now need to take the key, robes, pickaxe, bow and arrows, rope, food, and weapons to fight three Level 75 golems. Head over to the mouth of the river, northwest of the Ruins of Uzer and west of the clay rocks, and use a rope on the root to enter the cave entrance.

Step 6
After you enter the cave, you will need the Robes of Elidinis and the Ancestral key to open the first double door. After that you will have to open three doors to the east that will each make a different golem attack you. You need different attack styles for each golem. First open the south door. Kill the White golem using a stab attack. Now enter the door and clear the blocked water source using your thieving skill.

Step 7
Now try to open the southeastern door, and kill the Grey golem using a slash attack. Clear the blockage using a pickaxe, then continue to the next door.

Step 8
Try to open the final door to the northeast and kill the Black golem using a crush attack. Once it is defeated, enter the door and shoot an arrow at the target to clear the last blockage.

Step 9
When you open all the three doors and unblock the water sources, the second pair of double doors will get unlocked. Pass through the door and you will find water spirits to the east.

Step 10
Talk to the water spirits. They will tell you that the townspeople of Nardah threw away the statue of Elidinis. As a result of this, their town was cursed. They have to restore the statue to the temple to remove the curse.

Step 11
Go back to Nardah and talk to the Mayor. He will tell you that the statue was thrown down a crevice to the west of Nardah. Grab the shoes and cut the soles off on your way to the Genie the first time. The genie can be found to the west (remember your rope and light source!), go down the crevice you find then you talk to the Genie once he will say to get his soles. Talk to him again and he will take the soles and give you the statue.

Step 12
Take the statue back to the shrine and place it on the stand in the temple, where you stole the Ancestral key.

Congratulations. Quest Complete!

2 Quest Points, 8000 Prayer exp, 1000 Thieving exp, 1000 Magic exp, Robes of Elidinis, and use of the Nardah shrine for prayer. Praying at the shrine restores full prayer, health, special attack energy, and cures poison, then gives a temporary 10% bonus to hit points.

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