RS Advent Calendar for Santa Paws Outfit and Rewards in 2019 [Tuesday, December 03, 2019]

The annual event RS Advent Calendar 2019 has come back. It’s the giving season, and boy do we have some great gifts for you! From December 1st to December 25th, you’ll be able to open a new door on the Advent Calendar every day and tear into the Christmassy goodies within.Besides, there are some new rewards this year such as Christmas Jumpers, Santa Paws outfit and more.  

Runescape Advent Calendar
RS Advent Calendar 2019 runs from Dec. 1 to Dec. 25, which is also called Christmas Advent Calendar. There are a total of 26 windows during this event, and you can be able to open a new window every day to receive different rewards inside. Every day you can claim a free item from the Advent Calendar. In the meanwhile, there is a different Treasure Hunter promotion running each day of the event. You can join in the promotion to win different prizes every day.

RS Advent Calendar Rewards
The rewards you can get every day from RS Advent Calendar 2019 event are different. Besides the different prizes from Treasure Hunter promotion every day, opening a window each day also gives prizes for you. The rewards of first three windows in this event are:
- 0 December window: 1 Treasure Hunter key
- 1 December window: 2 shining prismatic medium fallen stars and a Treasure Hunter key
- 2 December window: 2 small combat training dummy crate
The rewards of the rest windows during this event have not been revealed. You can keep your eyes peel on the official wiki to see what you can get each day until Dec. 25. 

This year the prizes include a new range of cosy Christmas Jumpers, the Santa Claws weapon override and the Santa Paws outfit for Felix the Cat! Plus, when you log in and use the calendar for 15 days, you’ll receive Merry the Christmas Yeti, who can accompany you on all your wintery travels.

In a word, RS Advent Calendar 2019 has been opened. What are you waiting for? Join in for various rewards now. Besides, please buy cheap RS3 gold from us all the time.

The RS2hot Team