RS Player Owned Farm Nerf Details with Proposed Changes [Monday, September 16, 2019]

Get as much feedback as possible from the forums, Discord, Twitter and Reddit - even face-to-face with some of the most dedicated players. There have some changes to plans to nerf Player Owned Farm. From that, The Develop Team has shaped new plans for this update that will roll out Monday alongside the Game Update.

XP earned from player owned farm reduced
Based on the complaint that there’s too much XP for too little activity, The farm was always intended to be low intensity content, but it’s clearly gone a bit too far. The Develop team has come up with a plan to reduce the amount of XP earned through the farm.
Step 1 – Reduce the harvest XP by 50%
Step 2 – Animal XP is now based on their health and happiness
Step 3 – Harvest XP can now be boosted by items and bonus XP

How to improve the value of animals
Player Owned Farm was intended to be a possible money maker for efficient skillers, but with the introduction of some mechanics we unintentionally made it so that far too many animals were flooding the game, dropping their overall value.
Step 1 – Reduce breeding outside of the pens
Step 2 – Reduce the amount of animals the collector farmhand can hold
Note: This won’t remove any animals she is currently holding over that limit, merely prevent more animals from being stored.

Increase the rate at which animals feed
There’s no point in feeding the animals because they eat so little. There's currently relatively little mechanical reason to keep your animals well fed. However with the proposed changes to how XP is harvested, feeding animals will now be more important than ever before.

However, due to the rates at which animals age and the rates and which they feed, for some animals it’s relatively difficult to achieve high happiness and health before the optimum harvesting time. The rate at which animals feed will be increased, which will make each animal eats 1 food every hour. It means an animal's health and happiness will improve at twice the rate.

These changes will make it harder to complete the breeding log
With the breeding rate reduced, it will become harder to obtain shiny animals and complete the breeding log. Therefore, the following changes are proposed to make:

Step 1 – Increase the benefits of shiny enhancing traits
Step 2 – Increase the hereditary nature of traits
Step 3 – Increase the value of shiny animals

Overall these changes should reduce the XP earned from Player Owned Farm without sufficient effort.What do you think about RuneScape player owned farm nerf? Anyway, you could buy cheap RuneScape gold from our site at any time.

The Rs2hot Team