RS Summer Beach Party 2021 - Activities, Rewards and More [Monday, July 19, 2021]

As in the past, Runescape's Beach Event 2021 brings back a number of limited-time activities and rewards while introducing a handful of brand new ones. There’s nothing like a seasonal event in gaming. No matter what time of the year we are in, there is usually something just around the corner to help us celebrate our love for our chosen game with a number of event and rewards to commemorate the season.  Reward Tokens can be obtained from increasing skills, Clawdia, the Grand Exchange or be purchased using RuneCoins.

RuneScape is no stranger to this, with the popular MMO title running a Summer Beach Party for players to bask in the sun with some new activities. So what is the RuneScape Beach Party all about? If you wanna get ahead of the game in RuneScape, head on over to our site and grab some cheap RuneScape gold!

The new rewards introduced with Runescape's Summer Beach Party 2021 event are unlock cosmetic overrides or pets. When the summer beach event is active, all rewards from the past years remain available: This includes previously released titles, cosmetic items (including some from Solomon's General Store), and cocktails. Old tokens can be bought with oddments. While newer tokens are freely tradeable, the 2015 tokens obtained this way or kept from previous events are tradeable, but not via the Grand Exchange.

What is the RuneScape Summer Beach Party?
The Summer Beach Party takes place once a year in the summer, in which players flock to Lumbridge Crater, which is transformed for this period of time into a beach. Reyna, a survivor of the Battle of Lumbridge, acts as the host of the event.

When does the RuneScape Beach Party Begin?
This is probably the first question on your mind. In case you are wondering how you will be able to participate in the RuneScape Beach Party, then you can do so from 12 July. That’s right, you don’t have to wait to start the event, and you will have four weeks to enjoy it. The end of the event will be on 8 August, so you have more than enough time to get involved with everything the seasonal feature has to offer you. It is also a decent time period for you to work on your skills, all the while having fun with the tasks that are presented to you.

RuneScape Summer Beach Party 2021
Most of the activities in Runescape's Summer Beach Party 2021 event provide experience for different skills. Occasionally, you'll also get the rare reward tokens mentioned above.

Every 15 minutes, an activity is spotlighted, giving players participating in it an experience point bonus of 10%.

Here are all the activities you'll be able to participate in during RuneScape's beach event 2021:

Runescape Summer Beach Party 2021 Activities:
 - Barbeques - Found in the north-eastern corner of Lumbridge beach. You can use Nigel's 3 grills and 3 large chopping boards to obtain Cooking experience.

 - Body Building - There are five body building podiums south of where Clawdia spawns; these podiums are run by two bodybuilders, Ivan and Greta. Participating in the activity gives Strength experience when doing one of the following four actions: Curl/Lunge/Fly/Raise.

 - Coconut Shy - Run by Sarah, in the southeastern corner of the beach. Can increase both ranged and farming experience, depending on whether you're throwing projectiles or depositing tropical coconuts. The title "the Beachbum" is earned here.

 - Dungeoneering Hole - Found to the northeast portion of the beach, it is a source of Dungeoneering experience.

 - Hook-a-Duck - Also run by Sarah, involves catching ducks with one of three rods and rewards Hunter experience.

 - Palm tree farming - Involves harvesting the 15 palm trees spread around the beach for Farming experience and tropical coconuts.

 - Rock pools - Wellington's activity can be found on the eastern side of the Beach. You can choose between catching Raw tropical trout in one of the four fishing spots to gain Fishing experience or fighting toy royal battleships for Construction experience.

 - Sandcastle building - Found in the northwestern corner of the beach, Foreman George's activity lets players build sandcastles to earn Construction experience. Build the tower corresponding to the current NPC guest to earn double XP.

 - Weight training - South of where Clawdia spawns, Ivan and Greta oversee five bodybuilding podiums where players, can earn Strength experience by mimicking the exercises done by the two.

 - Sandy Clue Scrolls - Given by Reyna. We've detailed them in a dedicated guide.

Gaining enough experience from activities during the RuneScape Summer Beach Party 2021 will fill up your temperature bar. Once filled, it renders you unable to participate in any more until you eat an ice cream. The bar can be reset 3 times each day.

The RuneScape Beach Event 2021 also features two events that tie into its temperature mechanic. The first of them is Happy Hour, during which every activity is spotlighted and players can gain experience without worrying about their temperature bar increasing.

Happy Hours make it possible for players who've already capped their daily temperature bar to continue gaining XP. In addition, there's a 20% higher chance of items dropping from activities. Happy Hours last for – you guessed it – one hour.

The second event is called Heatwave and takes place every weekend, from Friday at noon until Monday at noon. During this time, players can continue raising their skills through activities regardless of their temperature. During a heatwave, Ironman players will receive 50% less experience while skilling with a full temperature gauge.

You'll also be able to access the following Distractions and Diversions during the RuneScape Beach Event 2021:

- Fish Flingers portal
- Sinkhole portal
- Shooting Star portal
- Evil tree portal
- Familiarisation portal
- Guthixian Cache portal
- Big Chinchompa portal
- Anachronia portal
- Archaeology portal

If you're looking to complete your item collection with rewards from the previous years' events, the RuneScape Summer Beach Party 2021 event lets you purchase tokens for some of the rewards using Oddments. Other past items can be purchased directly using RuneCoins.

Here's a short recap of the rewards added in RuneScape's Summer Beach Party 2021 event:

RuneScape's Summer Beach Party 2021 Rewards
  -Menaphos Beachwear
  -Beach Towel Outfit
  -Bronzed Sun Hat
  -Elegant Sun Hat
  -Seashell Necklace
  -Ammonite Necklace
  -Bronzed Sandals
  -Elegant Sandals
  -Cosmetic override
  -Stephanie pet
  -Menaphos Parasol item

The RuneScape Summer Beach Party 2021 is set to last for four entire weeks, concluding on Sunday, August 8. Don't be forget to join rs summer beach party 2021. You can still buy cheap rs gold from rs2hot. Cheap, Fast and Safe, 7/24 online support.

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