RS3 Elder God Wars: Azzanadra's Quest will be Coming on February 22nd [Friday, February 19, 2021]

Runescape has definitely been ramping it up lately with tons of content for old and new players. Following the exciting news of a new model update for player characters, Runescape has announced that we’ll be getting a new quest: Elder God Wars: Azzanadra’s Quest. Just the name alone, Elder God Wars is enough to give any adventurer flashbacks to a more tumultuous era. Are we on the verge of heading into the Seventh Age after the Elder God Wars quest series finishes in a year? If so, this is probably the absolute best time for new players (especially those on Steam!) to jump into the action.

We live in dangerous times. Tensions between the citizens of Gielinor and the Elder Gods have risen, Seren’s Council have failed to come up with an effective plan to stop them, and trouble is surely on the horizon.

To make matters worse, Ariane, Gielinor's greatest seer, has received a vision - a vision of destruction, devastation… worse than anything Gielinor has faced before.

The Elder God Wars are coming
The creators. You know them as the Elder Gods. You may think them united, but they are not. You may think they speak with one voice, but they do not. At the dawn of this universe there was no life save for them, but there was still conflict. That conflict will come again.
But hope isn't lost just yet. Your old friend Azzanadra has a plan - and he needs your help to see it through.

The story begins in Azzanadra's Quest, going live on February 22nd. There will be no other quest requirements.
- 70 Divination
- 58 Archaeology
- 58 Agility
- 58 Prayer
- Completion of the 'Vault of Shadows' miniquest

We recommend playing the following quests before starting Azzanadras Quest: Desperate Measures

You may also find the Blank Observation from Heart of Stone useful. Ironman accounts will have access to rewards from this quest.

You can expect lots of lore-filled quests, PvM content in the way of brand new dungeons and bosses, and more than likely some love for the new Archaeology skill in this newest Runescape update. What are you looking forward to the most with this new quest series? Tell us.

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