Recent Update Giving You Awesome Rewards to Discover in RS 3 [Wednesday, October 12, 2016]

Dear customers, are you looking forward to get some awesome rewards in RS 3? Jagex recent update made it possible. Here are some picks of the bunch. And we hope this news will provide some valuable information for you.

The new Hunter’s outfit available from the rewards vendor in Waiko

Get your hands on the final parts (gloves + boots) of the Tier 85 Tetsu , Seasinger and Death Lotus sets , allowing you to finally complete the armours and unlock their set bonuses .

Fans of Hunter rejoice - there are some fresh threads to boost your prowess too. The new Hunter’s outfit, available from the rewards vendor in Waiko, adds 6% XP to your Hunter training and can also stack with yaktwee stick for a total of + 11% XP.

There is also a new Invention blueprint in the Waiko reward shop

There is also a new Invention blueprint in the Waiko reward shop. Get yourself enough currency and purchase the plan for a crystal siphon which lets you siphon crystal tools as if they were Tier 90 equipment!

Never miss the first round of flash sale on RS2HOT 2016 Halloween Party

The Round one Flash Sale provides 100 portions of 20160K RS 3 gold and 10310K OSRS gold respectively, which means totally 2016M RS gold and 1031M RS 07 gold will be sell on 10% discount. And it can obtain at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Oct 17, 2016.

Maybe for most players, Runescape just like a spiritual which Bearing all the joys and sorrows. We can completely understand this situation and try our best to help you write the legend. Kindly reminder that RS2HOT 2016 Halloween Party offers big prize for you. Please pay attention to it. Have fun!

The RS2HOT Team