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Rooster House Traps new and interesting ways,infro:

Requiring Composing and Hunter to create, pet house traps can be placed in Fossil Island to appeal in and capture chickens. They offer the experience rates better than any other method between ranges 5 and 35 Rogue, alongside some nominal Composing experience.

Bird House demand Crafting Lvl 5 and also Hunter Lvl 5, Pine Bird House require Composing Lvl 15 and Rogue Lvl 14, Willow Pet House require Crafting Lvl 25 and Hunter Lvl 24, Teak Bird Residence require Crafting Lvl thirty five and Hunter Lvl thirty four.

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First :Narrative
we all know that "The event is split into a couple different quests, with just one being

members only. Either the "Holly" quest and the "Hawthorn" quest, the latter in which can

only be completed by means of members. As such, each goal yielded its own rewards."

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