RuneScape Double XP LIVE is LIVE [Saturday, May 08, 2021]

You’ll have a chance at double XP when the Double XP Live event goes live in RuneScape on May 3.

Great news, everybody: Double XP LIVE has returned. Over the course of the event you'll have the freedom to use your 48 hours of Double XP time at whatever pace you wish from May 3rd to May 24th!. Blast through it all in one weekend, take the time to fit those gains around your real-life adventures, or use the Pause Timer to take an in-game break - it's all up to you!

Plus, this Double XP LIVE event has twice the runtime, too! As part of our efforts to make things right after the Login Lockout, you'll have 20 whole days to spend your Double XP time.

There are, however, restrictions on which activities you can this double XP. For example, you cannot apply it towards the assist system, XP lamps, Tomes of experience, and more. For the full list,please check here. During the event, RuneScape members will receive 100% more XP. If you’re a free to play player, you’ll receive a 20% boost to XP.

Don't forget, you can now get Double XP from excavation and screening activities in Archaeology, and you'll get double the base Precision too. And in case you missed it, be sure to check out Jagex CEO, Phil Mansell, as he discussed his thoughts on the Carlyle Group acquisition.

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The Rs2hot Team