RuneScape’s New Senntisten Archeology MINI Dig Site Update [Tuesday, August 17, 2021]

Following a not-so-long break, Jagex has announced a ton of small updates to RuneScape 3 and the one that I am most excited to talk about is definitely the new Dig Site coming in. But that’s not all there is to this new update, so let’s go over some of the recent updates coming to RS3 and the New Senntisten Archeology mini Dig Site and everything coming with it this week!

So, not long the city of Senntisten was reopened to the public and this week the developers have setup everything so that the players could dive EVEN deeper to get to know about this historically city and especially what lies beneath its surface, as they take on this great adventure to explore the depths of Senntisten’s mini dig site.

By the information available to us from the developers, this mini dig site holds a ton of secrets that will be revealed as the story unfolds while you progress through it, with the promise to get handsomely rewarded! Would it be the exotic items or RuneScape 3 gold, that’s also a mystery to solve.


However there are a few requirements in order to explore the depths of this mini dig site and there’s actually just one, which is at least 60 archeology to get inside.

As for those who are wondering what the site holds inside it, well here is everything that you need know about it:

● You get to explore a total of 6 new excavation spots that are spread across four unique sites.
● Another section is also added to the City.
● 18 new artefacts to restore
● Eight new collections have also been added, and a new collector “Eblis”.
● Three new mysteries containing a number of lorebooks.
● There are also 4 stained glass windows that you can repair to earn Crafting XP.
● Five new research tasks have also been introduced.
● A new Relic.
● And a ton of other achievements!

Well, one of the things that a lot of you must be excited about is definitely the new relic. So, here’s everything that you need to know about the new relic:

Aurelius Mask

The new Relic is called the Aurelius Mask and what it does is that it grants you the ability of Mobile perk. So, if you have 50 energy, your cooldown for movement ability will reduce to half (50%). However you won’t be able to generate adrenaline while you do that but I think that’s a small price for such a great advantage!

However, getting your hands on this Relic isn’t so easy, you’ll need to complete the Secrets of Inquisition mystery to achieve it. I know you guys are as excited as we are to jump in and get started with the action and try to complete as many mysteries and uncover as many secrets as we possibly can. So, goodluck with that!

Exploring Senntisten
Many RuneScape players use the mobile perk, as it shortens the cooldown on mobility-based abilities like Surge and Bladed Dive. The new relic provides players more choice on what perks to equip on their equipment. Ordinarily, the mobile perk would take up a slot on an augmented weapon or piece of armor. By using Aurelis’ Mark, this slot can be freed up and used for a different perk.

This update for RuneScape doesn’t stop at just the new content at the Senntisten Archaeology site. Developer Jagex has also used this as an opportunity to improve action bars. Moving forward, members will gain access to two more action bar presets. This takes the total up from 13 to 15. Furthermore, each action bar can now be named, making it easier to keep them organized.

Out of nowhere, Jagex has also nerfed multiple abilities. Both Greater Concentrated Blast and Greater Ricochet have received damage potential reductions. The latter was arguably the game’s best basic ability, but these changes will likely result in a price drop. Smaller adjustments were also made to the Staff of Armadyl’s special attack, Instability.

Finally, some bosses had their teleportation restrictions removed to improve the PvM experience. Previously, bosses like Arraxor, Solak, and Vorago could not be teleported out. This is no longer the case, and players will be able to freely teleport out if they don’t feel like they can finish off a kill.

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