Runescape Mobile and The Ranch Out of Time Update [Wednesday, October 16, 2019]

Runescape is taking things to a dinosaur level. Literally. The Ranch Out of Time update is almost upon us and Jagex is letting us get a head start collecting those delicious, delicious dinosaur eggs. That’s not what this update was about? Thankfully, we also have some patch notes to help clarify exactly what’s new and changing with the game.

If you’re ready to get started priming for the update, dinosaur eggs can officially be collected – if you’re willing to make them orphans. That’s right, collecting dino egg first requires that you kill its parents. For a chance at the drop, you’ll need to take part in Land Out of Time events like The Big Game Hunter or Slayer. You won’t be able to hatch the eggs until the update drops in November but gathering them now is a sure-fire way to get a head start when it does.

Ranch Out of Time Egg Collecting
Starting this week, you’ll be able to start preparing for The Ranch Out of Time by collecting a few reptile eggs ahead of time.

You’ll collect eggs the same way you collect regular baby animals – by hunting down and dispatching their parents. Aww. While taking part in relevant activities on The Land Out of Time like Big Game Hunter, Slayer, and Jadinko Hunting, there’s a chance that you’ll walk away with a scaly new friend.

Obviously it would be heinously irresponsible to hatch these eggs without the proper safety measures in place – wasn’t there a movie about that? – so you won’t be able to check the eggs, trade them, or watch the cute critters inside them grow into ravenous beasts until the release of The Ranch Out of Time in November.

Until then, happy collecting!

RS Mobile Update
Attention to all scapers currently enjoying the RS Mobile Members’ Beta on Android. Our teams have been actively working on improving the experience of Gielinor on-the-go, which was made tricky recently due to a nasty bug encountered on mobile.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve deployed a new RS Mobile build with a couple of critical fixes that address this issue - we invite those of you with access to the beta to update your version of RS Mobile!

This update is getting us one step closer to the release of RS Mobile Early Access. Later this year, any RuneScape member with an Android phone will be able to enjoy the world of Gielinor in its entirety while on the move!

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