Runescape Release Strategy Update -RS2HOT [Tuesday, July 11, 2017]

Runescape announcing that will be make changes of  Menaphos,
Expansions use More times,so Leading to a sparse release,player not more happiness.but is games not regular updates,the game is not very less alive,will be updates Elf City,is much better for player !


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About Ninjas

The Ninja Team updates is good,runescape company have double more  number of developers and testers , so fast ,safe &best !
and Polls will be improvements better!

Area reworks 
The Eternals and Titans have been promised in the past, so now will be still updates, but just Think area reworks , carry on the old Task line ! will be have more  interface improvements !

 Runescape have list 10 updates ;

such as :
Invention Batch 2
Bank Rework
Dailyscape reductions
Mining and Smithing
Clue Scroll Overhaul
Achievement System finishing
Shattered World improvements, to make it more rewarding and varied
Evil Dave Quest
Graphical Reworks, including Seers' Village and Witch's House
Combat Pets

Those wil be : 28th of July /2017 and regularly thereafter  .

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