Runescape SKILLS :Treasure Hunter Chests [Friday, May 05, 2017]

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Activating the Wonderbar will also add charges to the purple gem, which, when activated at 100%, will ensure your next prize is from the purple category.

The higher the rarity of the Wonderbar, the more purple items will be added to the ticker, so make sure you fill it up for a chance of receiving the best items.

Pick up some purple prizes week with Wonderbar – only on Treasure Hunter!

Open Treasure Hunter Chests from 00:00 UTC on 3rd May until the 23:59 UTC on 8th May to gain charges and unlock some awesome prizes.

With every chest you open, the Wonderbar meter fills. Once you have reached the prize category you want, activate the Wonderbar and your next prize will be from that category or rarer.For the duration of the promotion, this event will also see the return of the original lucky items, which are available from special purple prizes:


Lucky Dragon Full Helm            Lucky Dragon Chainbody            Lucky Dragon Platebody
Lucky Spectral Spirit Shield       Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield          Lucky Elysian Spirit Shield
Lucky Divine Spirit Shield         Lucky Bandos Boots                   Lucky Abyssal Whip
Lucky Dragon Claws                 Lucky Dragon 2h Sword 

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