Runescape welfare: Time To Train [Wednesday, September 13, 2017]

Rs2hot Players now list more  training-enhancing items:
Please catch hold of the whole host items will make your team more stronger :


The  game training Time : From 00:00 UTC on 13th September to 23:59 UTC on 18th September
Please keep your eyes open :The brand new Protean Power-Up with speeds up the rate,you must train with all protean items for 5 minutes per use.
such as :

Training dummy crates
Dungeoneering tokens
Advanced Pulse Cores
Portable skill stations
Silverhawk feathers
Protean Power-up
Skill outfit pieces
Prismatic Lamps
Prismatic stars
Protean Packs
Spirit onyx



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 Speedy training Stack them up for up at one time ,The best best chance to improve your levels !

best wishs in game to you !

The runeScape Team :