September Raffle & Fourth week of Summer Escape [Thursday, August 29, 2019]

Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?! If yes, you’re in for a treat this week, because Balthazar’s Big Raffle is back! Plus, it’s the fourth week of Summer Escape. Go ahead – make our day.

September Raffle
Balthazar Beauregard and his spectacular circus have had a dip in funds this year, so once again they’re hosting a raffle!

Find Balthazar in Burthorpe to receive a free ticket every day. Earn more free tickets by completing a daily challenge and tracking down Gilly Willikers, the travelling clown.

This year a shiny new prize is on offer: the Golden version of Linza the Disgraced’s Barrows equipment! Plus, each ticket will also give you a chance to win prizes from the previous years, including:
*Golden Godswords
*Portable deposit boxes
*Golden Warpriest armour
*Deathtouched darts
*Golden Barrows equipment
*Golden Chaotic equipment
*Protean packs
But remember – you’ve got to be in it to win it! If you miss a day (or several!) you’ll be able to trade Balthazar a bond, and he’ll hand over all the tickets you’ve missed so far – and as a bonus, he’ll also hold on to any tickets you might miss in future.

Balthazar’s Big Raffle will be available in-game from September 1st to September 30th.

Summer Escape: Anachronia
It’s the 4th and final summer escape! This week, we’re going on a proper island vacation to the Land Out of Time, Anachronia! You might want to swap those swim shorts for spears, though. Here are the buffs:
*50% Chance for an extra Hunter mark to drop while Hunting on the island
*50% More XP in Herby Werby
*10% Increased chance of receiving codex pages while traversing the Agility course
*10% increased Agility XP from the Anachronia course
*0% Chance to fail obstacles on the Agility course
*10% Increased Hunter XP while taking part in Big Game Hunter
*10% Increased drop rate for rare items from Slayer creatures on Anachronia
While you’re travelling around Anachronia keep an eye on those lodestones. Once every hour, certain lodestones will receive balloon drops containing Silverhawk feathers, summery snacks, and more!

Don’t forget that from 12:00 on Friday to 11:59 on Monday the following boosts will also be in effect:
*One free clue reroll a day
*Double skill outfit fragments
*Double Menaphos rep
*Double thaler
*Double slayer points
*Half boss instance cost
*Chance of mystery boxes when skilling/killing

And if that’s not your thing, you’ll find a variety of buffs in place on the Player Owned Farm:
*10% increased chance of breeding animals
*5% increased chance of shiny animals
*10% happiness and health increase from feeding
*Double item yield from harvested animals
*10% more beans from selling animals
*10% Increased drop rate of animals from combat
*Honeycombs are 50% more effective when used on animals

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