September Updates Coming to RS: It's Time to Buy Cheap RS 3 Gold [Tuesday, September 06, 2016]

The return of Bounty Hunter, a new deathmatch minigame, wilderness dungeon upgrades. A new look for the Dagannoth Kings and everybody's favorite event of the year. These are just some of the awesome things going on the world of RS this month. In order to seize the opportunity to experience these updates better, it's high time for you to buy cheap RS 3 gold from RS2HOT.

Two big dates should go into your diary this September

The first is the 17th September, when RuneFest rolls into town (London, to be precise). Tune into Runefest Direct from 9:30am Game Time on our Twitch Channel. Cross my heart and hope to die, there will be a raft-full of humungous announcements for 2017. The second date is the one to rule them all - the 23rd to 26th of September is Double XP Weekend. If you like the sweet, sweet taste of gains, then Double XP Weekend is a buffet you won’t want to miss.

There is no doubt that the September updates of runescape will give you a more enjoyable gaming experience and allows you to get more fun. It is high time for you to use more runescape gold to enhance your characters and improve your level.

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