Should OSRS Smite Be Changed Back to RS2 for KO Smite? [Tuesday, November 29, 2016]

Smite is a popular prayer among Runescape killers, because it can prevent their opponent from using the Protect Items prayer. but currently, it is limited in Old School when prayer is up (even if it goes up to 0). Is it possible to change it back to RS 2 where people can smite someone as the same tick as killing them?

Smite works differently between in OSRS and RS2

In RS2, people can smite someone on the same tick as killing them. For example, if you hit a 70 ags which takes opponents’ prayer from 5 to 0, you would have done a smite kill.

However in Old School, no one can do that. if you kill them and their prayer is still up, you will not smite them.

Advantage to change OSRS Smite back to RS2?

Recently, this proposal has become the heated topic in RS community. It is obvious that changing RS 2007 Smite back to RS2 will make regular PvP more risky as well as potentially more profitable, and players would have to take more skills to make sure their prayer doesn’t run too low.

More details and rules need to be mulled over

With no doubt, this is a good idea for OSRS PKers. But before taking it into effect, Jagex need to reconsider some details in this proposal.

1. Will killers be able to hit over opponents’ current hp? Specifically, if someone have 20 hp, but you hit a 70 to him, will that extra 50 damage be added to the smite or not?

2. Will it make smiting items in deep wilderness too easy if KO hits can smite someone?

Smite is overhead prayer in RS 2007. Before changing it back to the state in RS2, Jagex need to think the whole hitch over at first. For more updates, RS2hot will keep it posted once more information is leaked.

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The RS2hot Team