Skill competition begin -OSRS King [Thursday, November 02, 2017]

Please join the excting and happy competition
1,competition itmes : King of the Skill

The top 1 with have have won 26,416,974 XP ,so Surprise Time!
skill Firemaking: five players got and with 99 level


Hope you have the good grade on  the OSRS King,
So please improve your level , More cheap rs gold Coupon Code (Halloween gifts) : 2%-8% Extra Bonus for RS 3 & OSRS Gold
    Date:Oct 20th--Nov 10th

                  more than  50$,to get  3M OSRS or 15M rs3gold
            more than 100$,to get  7M OSRS or 35M rs3gold
        more than 200$,to get 15M OSRS or 80M rs3gold
    During this All Hallow's Day,can we make u laugh :D

1, Finish at 12:00 UTC on November 30, 2017
2, but , these server just login to  24 hours game play
3, Winner : the highest level and the most XP get

The runescape services :