Song of the Elves: Crystal Impling [Tuesday, June 18, 2019]

When the big summer update Song of the Elves arrives, you will have a rare chance to encounter the Crytal implings OSRS, This Crystal implings will require Level 80 Hunter to catch, and drop OSRS Elven Signet and other new rewards. In the meantime, in Prifddinas you also may get infinite Teleport Crystal by killing or pickpocketing the elves.

What is OSRS Crystal Impling?
OSRS Crystal impling is a new content which will be added to Prifddinas, the capital city of Tirannwn. As the Cadarn Clan are a clan of archers and expert hunters, they have found a wild impling which is only attracted to the crystal structures inside OSRS Prifddinas. These wild implings are called Crystal implings.

How to Get OSRS Elven Signet from Crystal impling?
There will a wild impling occasionally spawning only in Prifddinas, attached to the crystal structures. It requires 80 Hunter to catch with a net or 90 Hunter with nothing in hand. When catching the Crystal implings, you may win elven themed items from their own loot table, especially the unique one Elven Signet. This new ring will offer a 5% chance to preserve a charge when using some Crystal items like armour, tools weapons and so on (Blade of Saeldor excluded) when worn.

You will have a chance to catch this rare Crystal implings after completing the Song of the Elves OSRS quest. These Crystal implings can only be found in Prifddinas, and they require Level 80 Hunter to catch with a net or Level 90 Hunter to catch barehanded.

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The Rs2hot Team