Suggestion of Allowing f2p Players Access to Members Skills Up to Level 25 [Tuesday, December 13, 2016]

Perhaps in a certain period of time, RS team could boast that it was one of the largest free MMORPGs which is available to players. But over the years it has became increasingly clear that free to play is just a demo. Here is a suggestion of allowing f2p players access to member's skills up to level 25 which aroused heated discussions on social media.

What f2p players can do in runescape is truly limited

A big reason for this suggestion is that the tendency for Jagex to add constant advertisements to the game which remind f2p players that what they can do is truly limited. Actually, Jagex actively worked to remove the addition of interaction with P2P content in f2p.

A huge number of players hold the opinion that the addition of the ability of training members skills to level 5 is counter effective in encouraging f2p players to actually play the game. Level 5 is not nearly high enough to appreciate a skill.

Allow f2p players to access some small aspects of members content

Due to the above stated phenomenon, some players suggest that currently trainable members skills be capped at a level which corresponds to some f2p accessible contents. And if it is necessary, allow free to players to access some small aspects of members contents to balance training in all skills.

For example, let's look at the arbitrary value of 25 and how it would greatly improve the quality of free to play. Allowing them to actually get a feel for the skill and leave them wanting more out of said skill.

Provided that f2p players access to members skills up to level 25

At level 25 construction, a free-to-play player would be able to create a modest house with most features of a kitchen and bedroom, They would also be able to access some oak furniture, but not a vast majority of it.

At level 25 agility, free-to-play players will be able to use the short-cut between edgeville and varrock grand exchange, while also seeing the rather enticing thing available to members such as skull-ball.

At 25 farming, f2p players would be able to grow some crops that honestly are almost never grown in p2p and are useless anyway. No great loss there.

To be honest, this suggestion has some desired points. This will increase player satisfaction among f2p players. Meanwhile, it will increase number of new players who also continue playing the game in a longer period of time. So, hopefully it can come true in the near future. Additionally, you can buy cheap runescape gold with 5% free gold code "OSRS5" and 8% off with code "RSACC" to buy rs accounts on RS2hot.

The RS2hot Team