The 15th birthday [Tuesday, January 12, 2016]
The 15th birthday!

Reminders down memory lane as we take you through a blast from the past with our Christmas celebrations RuneScape.

In the next four weeks we will take the most memorable highlights of the past 15 years, and editing this side-by-side with our favorite moments, one of the most RuneScape Birthdays bring nostalgia yet.

Listening to our channel RuneScape twitch on Tuesday, January 5th 17:00 UTC of the current for a private hour with Andrew and Paul Gower! We will look back 15 years worth of history scape, 15th Anniversary documentary and Gower Quest next due for release later this year.

You'll soon begin with some modifications house party in all of Gielinor brands including festive bunting in GE, and lanterns in the trees, and the new slogans on lodestones. Other than a little wild house party to go with the party decorations, and there is also a copy of the birth of a downturn and the 15th anniversary garden orange party unique, as well as a small number of exceptional items, emotes and surpass all be unlocked.

Do not miss the party! President of the East Falador stone magnet to a place dedicated to party yourself or read on to learn more about the plans House Party.

Log in now and talk to the house party in the party area to receive the 15 square FDP anniversary of the birth of the holiday goods to help you get the spirit of the party. Each gift box contains prismatic lamp, the star of prismatic, busty and 10 fragments of the statue of the party hat. Iron Man accounts also receive a free gift box, but they will not get the star and prismatic lamp.