The Deadman Summer with 6% off -RS2HOT.COM [Monday, June 26, 2017]

The Deadman Summer Invitational draws have been competed at today June 26th - July 1st.The top ranked 2,000 players have Geting the quota, the victor will be have $20,000 !

The changes of Season 6

All players attacking a skulled player will be skull penalty ,


Barrows Now is a contentious issue, will be inaccessible for the entirety of Season 6 !

Death & Gains
Still just as brutally punishing of Rest assured that skulled deaths !
What's more, rebuild XP gain (the gain on skills with XP already lost) will increase from 10x to 50x.

The Safezones and content changes
NPCs:no longer yield loot when pickpocketed
Safezone :Great Kourend on Castle

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