The G-Nome Project and Christmas gifts [Wednesday, December 13, 2017]

Jingle bells, jingle bells.. !Christmas day Coming, Santa Claus Brought us more Christmas quest:
Especialy the The G-Nome Project.

The Minigames Winter Weekend of time:15th until midday onthe 18th of December

+1 medal from Fish Flingers per game.
+1 Castle Wars gold ticket
Double commendation points and Double Bonus XP and rewards from Barbarian Assault.
+50% Dominion Factor earned.
+50% produce points at Livid Farm
An extra 600 daily bonus points
100% increased Menaphos reputation.
Double zeal from Soul Wars.
 50% extra anima.

What's more "Skilling is up next, followed by Clue Scrolls."
Runescape friends ,Remember,in the community interface that you can claim one free in-game gift every day at December !
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