The Grand Exchange - Everything is subject to change [Wednesday, June 17, 2020]

Ah, the Grand Exchange. A bastion of commerce and trade in the heart of Gielinor. Who doesn’t feel their spirits raise when they spot that iconic red-and-white awning as they return from a long day of bossing?

Hold on now… who’s that crawling under the wall from Edgeville? Why – it’s the Ninja Team! And they’re changing things! Yes, it seems that from now on, using the Grand Exchange will be easier than ever before.

For one thing, they’ve installed a brand new client-side prediction feature, which means that all that fiddly communication between the server and your client at home has been reduced. You know what that means: faster transactions for everyone!

We wanted to make sure player are on-board with the changes that are being made before it goes live.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty. Have you ever accidentally ordered something you shouldn’t have? Taken home 1,000 buckets when the quest only required one? After today, you’ll be able to edit any of your offers on the Grand Exchange instantly, without taking them down. Just click the ‘Edit’ button to try it out for yourself.

Core Improvements

1. The Grand Exchange uses client side prediction making it more responsive.

2. Typing in the chat box no longer interacts with the Grand Exchange keybinds.

3. When you hop worlds it no longer displays GE offers.

4. Setting an offer to max cash no longer is inputted as max cash -1.

5. Adding something like Platinum tokens to the GE would require Engine work.

6. The exact progress of an item is now displayed.

7. Players can now Abort/Repeat and Edit offers from the overview via left click.

Buy/Sell Offers

- Increased search-box result size.

    * Selecting an item compacts it. While searching again it re-expands.

    * Selected items are highlighted.

- +/-20% buttons have been added.

- Search results are no longer cleared as you change quantities/price.

- You can continue typing when you clear the search results via the 'ESC' key.

- The 'ESC' key (previously Backspace) takes you back to the overview.

Edit Button - (Keybind: E)

- Each individual offer can be edited.

- This is basically a single interaction which aborts your offers then collects and repeats. This means you will lose your place in a buying/selling queue.

Sale History

- Interface tidy up: Qty. category is centered.

- Detailed repeat/immediate repeat will be added as buttons.

Favourites - (Keybind: F)

- Members - 18 slots | F2P - 6 slots

- Favourited items will display the market value.

- Item search displays at a full capacity.

- You can edit them, or interact to bring up the buy offer page.

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The Rs2hot Team