The Grand Tree Quest Guide - OSRS [Tuesday, August 24, 2021]

The uncertainty as to what’s causing the Grand Tree, the protector of the Gnome life to die has left the whole community questioning as to what could possibly be the reason behind it. In this quest to find the answer if it’s an inside job or a human sabotage, you need to help King Shareen investigate the cause and save the tree Gnomes from untimely death.


But before you can start the quest, you need to meet certain requirements and have some recommended items as mentioned below:

Quest Requirements
● 25 Agility Skill
● 1,000 Gold Coins
● Enough ability to defeat the Black Demon with level 172

Recommended Items
● Stamina Potions
● All the items that can help you reach Hazelmere that is east of Yanille and the main location, the Gnome Stronghold.
● Or you can also use the Nightmare Zone minigame teleport to reach there.
● A necklace of passage which can be used to reach the Tree Gnome Stronghold by teleporting

Now once you have all the recommended items and meet the requirements of the quest, the very first thing you need to do in order to start the quest is to speak with the King Shareen. You will find him on the first floor of the Grand Tree, who will then ask you for help to save the Grand Tree and later give you a translation book and a sample bark.

You’ll need to reach Hazelmere with the items using the watchtower teleport or any other way that you find the easiest. And once you are there, talk to him, although you won’t understand his language but once you give him the bark sample, he will give back a message to you.

The translated message will say “A man came to me with King’s Seal, I gave him Daconia Rocks and now these rocks will kill the Tree!”

Now you need to take this message back to the King and upon asking, you will have to select the right option for the translation. Once the King gets the right translation, he will understand that someone used his seal to get the rocks from Hazelmere that were supposed to be fail-safe for killing the tree.

You will then have to talk to his head guard named Glough, who will be waiting south of the Grand Tree in a tree house. And once you talk to him, he will take care of the situation.

Now get back to King, who now has caught the prisoner with the Daconia rocks. You will have to ask the King to let you talk to the Prisoner, who is located at the top floor of the GT.

The prisoner named Charlie upon question will reveal that it was on Glough’s command that he got the rocks from Hazelmere and suggest that you check his house to find more evidence. After the conversation, go to Glough’s house, where you will find his journal inside the cupboard.

Now you’ll have to confront Glough about this, who will eventually put you to the cell next to Charlie. Now inside the cell, Charlie will tell you about the Shipyard in Karamja which you can access with the passcode “KA-LU-MIN”.

After some time, the King will let you go with an apology for the imprisonment and tell you to go to the roof and get to the Shipyard using Gnome Glider.

Now you won’t be able to get there as the glider will crash land a bit far and you’ll need to run for the Shipyard and once you reach there, tell the guard that Glough sent you and give him the passcode.

Once inside, get to the southern dock, where another guard will confront you. Talk to him and answer a few of his question about Glough, as under
● Sadly his wife is no longer with us
● Worm holes
● Anita

Now you can return back to GT with the lumber order, you can get in for free if you have helped Femi or pay 1,000 OSRS Gold otherwise.

Once you show it to the King, he will ask you to leave as he doesn’t believe you. Talk to Charlie once again, who will tell you the location of Anita. Get there and talk to her, she will give you the key to Glough’s chest. Get to Glough’s house and open the chest using the key and you will find his plan notes.

Now show these to the King, who will order a search of Glough’s house but still find nothing other than twigs. However, once you take these twigs and place them on each of the 4 pillars on Glough’s house watch tower, a trap door will open up!

Inside it, you will have to fight the Black demon, you will have to choose your attack and use it from a safe spot, where Glough was standing. However, you will have to move away if he gets to you there. Kill the demon within 8 minutes or the fight restarts.

Now if you manage to kill the demon, you will have to talk to the king by the dungeon passage. He will find out that you were telling the truth, eventually and finally ask you to retrieve the Daconia rocks as well. You will have to search for the rocks in the roots of GT and once you have found them.

The Quest will be completed after you get them back to the King and get rewarded!

The Rs2hot Team