The Runescape Rainbow's Games [Wednesday, November 22, 2017]

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blessed with multi-coloured luck and amass your prizes!
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Join NOW!The time:00:00 game time on the 22nd November -- 23:59 on the 27th November
On Gielinor have been sttled rainbows,WOW,will being bringing new rares,prize multipliers and good luck


Cheers! Please upgrade Multipliers
Make steps now
1,opening the rainbow chests
2,win multiplier tokens
3,The rest of the promotion,Could unlock multipliers on your prizes
4,Big surprise, up to a dazzling x7


Have fun!The Rainbow-Coloured Rares
locked&unlocked gifts here!
1,unlocked, could tradeable rares( get your hands on brand new rainbow-themed prizes, the Pot of Gold orb, Rainbow Wand and shiny Rainbow Halo!) ,just as the previous rainbow items (the Rainbow Amulet, Cape, Bow and Parasol.)
2,locked,get these previous items during this promotion


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