The greatest RuneScape membership deal of Premier Club back in 2019 [Monday, November 18, 2019]

Available on November 14th, Premier Club is the best way to enjoy everything that RuneScape has to offer. Premier Club members not only get to enjoy all the incredible benefits of RuneScape membership for a discounted price – they also get loads of juicy extras on top!

As well as membership, Gold member perks include the adorable baby T-Bone dinosaur pet, 50 extra Bank spaces, one free boss instance per week, access to the Premier Vault’s new Colossal Chest, 6,000 Oddments, 150,000 Loyalty Points and much more!

All members, regardless of tier, will also receive the exclusive Bright Inquisitor armour, the Premier Artefact and, for the first time, will receive the all new Premier Pass, granting them full access to the brand new Yak Track event!

Yak Track is a new set of fun, varied, sometimes serious and often foolish tasks that take place all over Gielinor. And every time you complete a new mission on your adventure, you unlock a new prize to keep! If you own the new Premier Pass – which is now included with Premier Club membership – then you’ll receive every single Premium reward you unlock, as well as the Free rewards.

Premier Club Tiers Package List

Price 27.99$ 89.99$ 49.99$
Months of Membership 3 12 6
Loyalty Points 20,000 150,000 50,000
Additional Keys (Per Day) 0 1 1
Premier Club Rwward Token 0 3 1
Runemetrics Discount x 50% off x
Premier Artefact
Premier Club Vault Access x x
Bright Inquisitor Outfit
T-Bone Companion Pet x x
VIP Premier World Access x x
Free Boss Instances(1 Per Week) x x
Bundle Of 6000 Oddments x x
Premier Band Space (+50) x x
Extra Roll on Lootscape x x
Access to Premier Pass Event
In-game Chat Badge x x

Amazing value with Gold package
Premier Club continues to be the best RuneScape membership deal. With the Gold package you not only get a whole year of membership but also fantastic cosmetics like the Bright Inquisitor outfit, VIP Premier World access, additional Bank space and lots, lots more.

The Best Deal on Membership
Becoming a RuneScape Member gives you access to an even bigger game world to explore, over six times as many quests, 10 exciting new skills and dozens of amazing minigames.  They even get to own and customise a Port and Farm! Furthermore, Premier Club membership and perks apply to RuneScape on both desktop and mobile.

All Premier Club members will also now receive the exciting new Premier Pass, offering a deluge of cosmetics and items that will enhance your adventures in Gielinor.

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The Rs2hot Team