The rs Ghostly Outfits &Halloween Party [Wednesday, October 25, 2017]

The Ghostweave Returns of game time: October /2017 -on the 25th - 23:59 game time on the 30th
Please win mystical pieces of Ghostweave.
About rs Revenant outfit
Reaver outfit
Ringmaster outfit
Jester outfit
Clown outfit
Builder outfit
Chicken outfit
Lederhosen outfit &Spirit Hunter outfit


Ghostly Outfits of Returning
Druid outfit
Fremennik outfit
Farmer outfit
New Ghostly outfits:
Fisher outfit
Guard outfit
Princess outfit
you can turn your ghostweave into GP and  into 7 types of special chocolate or crafting XP
More you want skill ,please improve your rs level with more rs gold and runescape gold ., is the best choice
Halloween Coming, so we have the 2017 Halloween gifts!
2%-8% Extra Bonus for RS 3 &
    Date:Oct 20th--Nov 10th

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    more than  50$,to get  3M OSRS or 15M rs3gold
    more than 100$,to get  7M OSRS or 35M rs3gold
    more than 200$,to get 15M OSRS or 80M rs3gold
    During this All Hallow's Day,can we make u laugh :D


Happy Halloween day and Please receive your RS2HOT welfare