This Week's RS BTS: Crablet Plunder & White Wolf Mountain Rework [Wednesday, August 31, 2016]

Mod Wulver takes to the BTS to tell players all about RS Crablet Plunder and RS White Wolf Mountain. The event will offer a more lively area and daily XP reward for you above the whole September. Whether you have noticed the news or not, it is closely related to you. Let's make a deep understanding about it.

White Wolf Mountain likes a more lively area to enjoy yourself

White Wolf Mountain was basically just a speed bump between Burthorpe and Catherby. Now, Jagex really want to turn White Wolf Mountain into a huge peak. Because now they have got NXT and the draw distance is one of its strongest features. So now you can climb between caves to get up to different levels. And once you're at the top you can see out over a huge amount of Gielinor. In the shadow of the mountain sites Catherby, which before was just a few houses on the shoreline. Now they have turned it into a proper fishing village. In a word, it like a more lively area and you can enjoy more fun in the runescape.

Crablet Plunder is beneficial for you to earn up to 25% XP.

Crablet Plunder is an Arc themed event that's going to take place all throughout the month of September. Players are going to be able to build their own XP rewards. From a selection of different upgrades including skills, skill bundles and XP buffs. Every day you log in you can earn 5% more XP up to 25%. You can maintain throughout the entire month of September. The skills that you get to choose from are going to be random. Every weekend in September, there is going to be rare weekends. And on rare weekends you have an increased chance of getting the skill bundles.

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The RS2HOT Team