Top 8 Most Expensive Items to buy in OSRS - [F2P + P2P] [Monday, August 09, 2021]

Despite being released all the way back in 2013, OSRS manages to stay strong and even fan favorite of many hardcore MMO lovers out there in the world. And apparently their love extends to such an amount that some of the items in OSRS are being sold at EXTRAORDINARILY EXPENSIVE price.


And with OSRS getting a ton of new updates this year as the devs announced in the OSRS Summer Summit, it’s about time we shared with you the top 10 MOST expensive items that you can buy in OSRS and this includes both the F2P and P2P modes of the games! So, without any further ado, let’s get into the list!


 8 - Scythe of Vitur (470m GP)

Now this one is a lot of Runescaper’s dream weapon and quite rightly so. Scythe of Vitur is one of the best melee weapons in the game and that is the reason why it is ranged at around 470 million GPs.


Besides that, the weapon is also pretty rare as it belongs to the blood runes and it is a pretty rare drop from Theatre of Blood. But it is totally worth buying!


7 - Inquisitor’s Mace (+500m GP)

Coming up next in our list, we have an exotic item from the inquisitor's set and surprisingly it costs way more than the whole set. The reason why it’s so expensive besides obviously being so rare, is the fact that it is actually useful (unlike the cosmetic ones).


The mace requires you to have at least 75 attack ability and of course, the huge 550 million RS07 Gold to spend!


6 - Harmonised Orb (870m GP)

Now this is particularly new compared to the other osrs items in the list, it came with the nightmare update and it is one of the rarest yet also one of the most useful items in both pvp and pvm modes. And that’s something that makes this Orb so damn expensive selling at around 870 million GPs!


5 - Elysian Sigil (815m GP)

Now this one is probably unique as it doesn’t come from a 3rd Age set. Elysian Sigil belongs to the dead man mode and it is also pretty rare. The item can be currently bought for around 815 millions GPs, I know it is A LOT but we are talking about the most expensive items here aren’t we?


4 - 3rd Age Longsword (1B GP)

Gearing up to Billions now and pretty much every item that comes in the list belongs to the 3rd age and rightly so, because they are just so RARE and everyone wants to get their hands on it! The first one to cross the 1B mark is the 3rd Age Longsword and it was actually sold for around 4B in the past when it first came out but now you can buy it for around 1B if you have that much dough in the bank.


3 - 3rd Age Bow (1.45B GP)

The next one in line is the 3rd Age Bow, which is one of my personal favorites in this list as it is actually very useful when fighting long range battles and it is the only bow with the dragon arrows, which comes in handy fighting the evil monsters! And it also comes with a whopping price of 1.45 Billion!


2 - 3rd Age Pickaxe (2.15B GP)

Now when it comes to popularity, the 3rd Age Pickaxe literally leaves every other item on this list far behind. It is extremely rare and also the most expensive item from the 3rd Age Druidic Set and the reason why it is so expensive is because you can’t get it from any other elite or hard clue except for the master clues.


However the pickaxe requires you to have at least 65 attack level and a 61 mining to be able to use it, besides the extremely high amount of cash that you can’t even stack at once or probably as high as you can go in osrs. This particular item has been profitable since the start, so if you have that hefty old school runescape gold lying around, why not spend it on this one?


1 - 3rd Age Druidic Set (5.4B GP)

Last but not the least, we have the most expensive item (or actually items) that you can buy in old school runescape is the 3rd Age Druidic set. I have mentioned some of the items from the 3rd age druidic set but combinedly, the whole set will blow up with the price tag that it holds!


And the reason why it is SO DAMN expensive is because of the VERYYYY LOW drop rate, which is around 1 in over 313,000 times, which is totally INSANE! Now if you have any item belonging to this set, you are in high profit.


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