War's Retreat (PvM Hub) - Releasing January 27th [Thursday, January 16, 2020]

Accessible from Death's Office, War's Retreat will be a complete hub dedicated to all your bossing needs. It'll be fully customised with portals that can take you to bosses encounters, your current reaper tasks and last battles fought in Gielinor.

But that's not all, what would be a proper retreat without a training area, a reward shop (containing unlocks, upgrades and consumables), ways to replenish your strength, and status buffs (Forever fire & Adrenaline crystals).

TH Bug
- Continuing removing wealth and taking action we deem necessary.

- 75% of the injected wealth has been retrieved.

- Doubled the number of permanent bans to a total of 30.

- Removed XP/BXPW gained by those who abused the bug.

PvM Hub - War's Retreat
Release Date: January 27th
Accessible to F2P.
Requires level 60 Combat (Reaper task req).
Accessed via a door outside of Death's Office or inside Death's Office.

War - One of the riders of the Apocalypse. He will give an intro as well as provide a shop.
A Bank Chest - For players to access the bank. (No Grand Exchange)
A Campfire - A permanent fire that provides the bonfire boost. (Default boost is regular logs, but can be upgraded).
An Altar of War - Restores Prayer/Summoning points.

War's Shop

Marks of War Currency (MoW) - Obtained per boss kill up to 1,000 per hour (max).

Upgrades Cost Unlocks Cost Consumables Cost
Hub teleport 10 Kills Vampyrism aura 5,000 MoW Aura refresh (tier 1) 1,000 MoW
Portal 100 Kills Dark Magic aura 12,500 MoW Aura refresh (tier 2) 2,000 MoW
Altar of War 200 Kills Berserker aura 25,000 MoW Aura refresh (tier 3) 3,000 MoW
Adrenaline crystal 1,000 Kills Reckless aura 25,000 MoW Aura refresh (tier 4) 4,000 MoW
Oak campfire 1,000 MoW Maniacal aura 25,000 MoW Life Refresh 2,500 MoW
Willow campfire 1,000 MoW
Maple campefire 1,000 MoW
Yew campfire 1,000 MoW
Magic campfire 1,000 MoW
Elder campfire 1,000 MoW

- Marks of War - Each boss provides different values. Yakamaru awards 600 per kill.

  Deathtouched dart/Practice mode do not provide Marks of Wars.

  Jad in Kiln won't give a lot of Marks, however in the Fight Caves it will.

- Hub Teleport - Teleports you to the PvM Hub. The teleport requires no runes and is found in your spell-book.
- Campfire upgrades - Requires 1000 logs of the respective type and the previous/subsequent upgrades.
- Adrenaline crystals - Located next to each boss portal and can raise your adrenaline to 100% once they are unlocked.
- The Auras in the shop will be removed from the Loyalty store on January 27th 0:00 UTC.
  Players will NOT be refunded loyalty points.


- 4 Portals: 1 Reaper | 1 Provided | 1 Unlocked | 1 Seasonal
  The Reaper portal will automatically reattune to your Reaper assignment if you still require kills.
  The Seasonal portal will be attunted to the most recent boss release or to a boss of a seasonal hiscore.
  The Provided and Unlocked portal require at least 1 boss kill of a boss to attune to it.
   Some boss kill requirements combine 2 separate bosses (ROTS and Barrows Brothers)
  Portals will display a picture of where the are attuned to.
- The Portal Attunement interface has been improved.
  Re-attune cost is 100k or 50k if you have 100 KC (Final Boss req) of that boss.
  The Max Guild Boss Portal re-attune cost will be changed to 50k.
  Sorted by boss release date. (Not alphabetized because it would be re-ordered as we add new bosses.)
  The War's Retreat portals don't have the 4 slayer creatures, but the Max Guild one still does.

Dummy Area
Similar to the Lumbridge Combat Academy with Dummies and a bank chest.
Has a gold statue of War.

Not sharded primarily due to adrenaline gain where taking you out of a shard would remove adrenaline.
There will be a PvM Hub Themed world.
There will not be any new Comp reqs.

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