What skills are the fastest to reach level 1-99 in RuneScape? [Friday, March 12, 2021]

If you are looking for the easiest and fastest skills for 99 in RuneScape then here is a quick list of the fastest 1-99 skills in RuneScape. We will only be discussing the skills that are really easy and profitable to reach 1-99.


The supplies for crafting let's say gold bars, the gems and even soft clay change constantly. Meaning that sometimes crafting can be less profit or you have to create different jewelry to make profits.

However generally speaking crafting jewelry is profitable and making irons is definitely profitable. Crafting ruby bracelets from levels 42 to 74 can give you around 7.5 million GP profits and for crafting experience that is still pretty decent.

For a lower level player which mean around level 42 crafting isn't a very high requirement you're making decent money and the same time training your skills up. In fact level 75 crafting which isn't too far away from level 74 is a prefer requirements and level 80 is a requirement for the elite skill called invention.

Dragonstone bracelets are currently the best for GP in terms of jewelry now for level 74-99 you'd be making 133 million profit.

A better alternative and probably a better market which they get used quite often are the Decorated URNS now the first come at level 59 and they are around 1.3 to 1.5 million GP per hour.

If you're making them on portable crafters you can make it like 600 to 700 an hour. You first have to craft them from the soft clay and then you have to fire them, cook them and you make a total of 240 million GP.


This skill isn't very profitable at lower or mid levels. Well you can have a few profitable methods here and there but it's like iron or maybe even mithril something that you won't do for very long meaning it's pretty much pointless or the profit is just way too low.

Now at level 85 there's a things you can do for profit for smithing which is at least decent now the one we're going to be talking about is:

1. Rune Bars

From level 85-99 you should be getting around 63,000 XP per hour and if you AFK here then it might be a bit less. You can make 310 million profits for level 85-99.


Runecrafting is a very well known skill for its profit and kind of slow but its good profit for the most parks unless you're of course doing runespan.

From levels 44-54 is where the real profit starts kicking in. If you were to make nature runes for levels 44-54 which would be 3023 runes with the demonic skull you'd be making 1.3 million in total. Now you might be thinking that this isn't too much money keep in mind it's only 3023 nature runes and you can only make one and occasionally two per pure essence.

For the most part Runecrafting is bad experience in the mid levels but once you reach level 77 you can create blood rooms and they return pretty good profit if you were to do room form level 77-99 which would be 314.6k  runes and you'd be making 195 million profits.

From levels 91 to 99 you'd have to make 226.4k nature runes and this would make you profits of 98 million. Do keep in mind this is from level 91-99 hence the profit is a bit lower than the blood runes because you can do them for level 77 on. But blood runes are also more expensive than nature runes so the profit per rune is lower with nature runes.


Hunter is a skill that can be profitable. You can receive some of the player owned farm animals from crouching them during hunter. You get an unchecked version and that's worth quite some money I don't know the exact amounts because the GE prices are way off like some of them are a few million.

But you can make a decent amount of profit depending what you do; in fact with most hunter things or take activities you can make profits but here are some examples that are profit from just the materials you get from hunting them.

· From levels 31+ are Larupiah's which can make you 1 million per hour.

· Level 59+ are the Red Salamanders which are definitely a good one giving you around 1.5 million an hour.

· Level 63+ are the Red Chinchompa which will be around 500k an hour depending on how you're doing them sometimes the traps fail too much but yeah they're still profitable.

· Level 77+ you could do Grenwalls which are pretty good and you can make 5 million plus per hour.

· At level 97 hunter you can do Crystal Skillchompas which are around 3 million plus per hour.


The lower levels of Slayer are low money making; the mid level Slayer is low to medium profits, it depends on what tasks you do. You can get the grow arms which are good profit.

And the high level Slayer can get you low to high profit and why do I say low to high is because it depends on your prefer tasks and if you get a shitty task that's obviously going to be very bad profit.

The best tasks for GP are: Mammoths, Elves, Ripper demons, Abyssal demons, Dark beasts, Rorarius , Rune dragons, Spiritual mages, Grotworms at a lower level and Gemstone dragons.

Do keep in mind if you kill these in your personal Slayer dungeon like let's say these spiritual mages it's going to be a good way of making money and you only require the Slayer level to kill them and you can just form them outside your Slayer task for as long as you want.


Fishing is probably one of the the most AFK skills in the game. It is easy to earn through fishing because fishing is AFK from level 1 on which is absolutely amazing as you can just easily AFK crayfish or shrimp for your early levels.

Then once you get to the barbarian fishing or deep-sea fishing its still afk and it stays that way all the way to 99 which is amazing unless of course you're doing the non AFK methods like the fishing frenzy.

Apart from that pretty much every skilling activity in fishing is AFK capable which is very nice and that's why a lot of people AFK this skill in and out or when they are doing something like watching TV because you can easily fish AFK.

If you have the shark outfit well that's where it gets even more AFK because now you don't have to drop the fish from your action bar on the floor every time. If you weren't banking them or if you're a power fishing so to say the shark outfit eats the fish so if you have a full outfit of the shark outfit types then fishing is going to be even more afk and all you have to do is click the puddle or the fishing area.

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