Would You Like to Use OSBuddy 3.0 in Old School RS? [Tuesday, January 17, 2017]
With this recent update there's going to be a lot of players thinking about switching to OSBuddy, if Jagex made it clear that OSBuddy was 100% fine then it would be nicer for those players who are still hesitant to use it.

First, tell you what is OSBuddy client?

OSBuddy is a RuneScape client- but it's different than SwiftKit/SwiftSwitch, it never added overlays to the actual game itself and could never see how many kills a player had left in a task. It allows you to check your stats or your friend's, track your skills along with some advanced features such as clue scrolls guidance with mappings and agility courses clicking highlights.

The difference here is OSBuddy is developed entirely independently from jagex. The possibility of being banned, hacked, and phished makes RS players very nervous.

Using third party clients would result in osrs account getting hacked

Jagex has announced that using unauthorized third party clients will most likely result in osrs account being banned. Although according to the OSBuddy website, there's 19k players at the moment logged on to OSRS using OSBuddy. On the OSRS website there's 31k players playing. So at the moment over half the player base is using OSBuddy. There is still possibility to cause to rs 2007 account being banned.

Maybe many players think that Jagex haven’t banned any third parties clients as of yet, including OSBuddy. So it is still safe to use third client unless RS has an anti-cheat that can detect overlays and memory reading.

We cannot give you a definite answer whether OSBuddy 3.0 is safe or not either. But it's wise for to protect the safety of your osrs account. You should choose a reliable site such as RS2hot to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold, old school rs account and other products.

The RS2hot Team