Yak Track: Path of the Creators Update - RuneScape [Tuesday, August 31, 2021]

It’s that time of the year, when we buckle up and get ready for RuneScape Yak Track and it seems it’s already underway. Yak Track is super exciting for most of the RuneScapers but this time, it’s going to be even more awesome. Don’t just take my words for it, here is what the developers have to say about it, “The Yak Track is yak back! From now until October 3rd, you can get your hands on loads of Elder Gods-themed cosmetics and pets in what promises to be the best Yak Track yet!”

Yes, this is going to be the best Yak Track so far! And, starting from now on, you can get a total of 25% XP boost not for one or two skills but for all of them, sounds exciting right?

What is different in this Yak Track?
This time the Yak Track has come with an exciting new twist and apparently, there is a great mystery at hand that needs to be solved. The world of Geilinor is under imminent threat by none other than the leader of “Humans against monsters cult” Johanhus Ulsbrecht and this time he’s onto something much more evil.

You are required to find out what Johanhus is planning and stop him before anything bad happens. And meanwhile, you can get on with your journey to gather rewards by completing different tasks in the Yak Track.

What do you get in this Yak Track?
Just like any other Yak Track, this one is filled with a lot of rewards for you to claim and beside the usual runescape gold and other rewards, here is something new that you are going to get:

● Unwinged Harbinger of Jas
● Unwinged Harbinger of Wen
● Drakes of Wen and Jas (if you prefer the winged ones)
● Wen Neophyte’s Outfit (at tier 50)
● Drake of Jas (premium track)
● Huge selection of Boosts, Deathtouched, protean and oddments. (premium track)

If you don’t have the premium club membership to get access to the premium track.  The premium track can also be purchased for 2 bonds, which gives you access to all the premium features and rewards.

Kill tasks and skills
Apparently the new Yak Track comes with some new modifications to the kill tasks and skill. The number of kill tasks and skills have been increased and also the chance of earning “marks of war”, giving you a chance to fight off the mighty Arch-Glacor!

Gain XP Tasks
There have been a few changes to the Gain XP tasks, with the herblore, smithing and thieving being the Gain XP tasks with the removal of Smelting.

XP Buffs
Those on the Premier Track will be treated to an extra treat: a 25% XP boost that rises by 1% for every five tasks performed up to Tier 45, and then by another 16% at Tier 50 and on the Buff Bar, you'll be able to view your total.

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