You May Get an OSRS World Map on the Official Client in 2017 [Tuesday, December 27, 2016]

Are you looking forward to get an OSRS World Map on the official Client in 2017? It has great possibility to come true in 2017. Many players really hope this up date in 2017. Since it has been something Jagex has talked about for a while, but it didn't make 2016.

World Map make your destination or plan more efficiently in OSRS

The meaning of World Map in OSRS is self-evident. Old School RS World Map provided on the official client may be more convenient to use than the map provided in game because it requires you to open another interface and stopping what you were doing at that moment.

In some cases, you may not be able to open the map such as when you're in combat or in a dangerous location such as wilderness. You may also use this online world map to research possible routes to your destination or plan the most efficient trips in between locations.

The World Map will be a good addition to the OSRS game

The official client is that it is more lightweight than the other popular third party ones. Would adding a World Map to the client affect this in anyway, and if so could it be able to be disabled if needed? We would definitely like it. The World Map will be a good addition to the OSRS game, especially for new players and those who don't like to use osbuddy.

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The RS2hot Team